Skagway – where wilderness and history make perfect

Skagway is known as the Garden City of Alaska thanks to its blooming flowers in summer. Almost 1 million tourists visit this small town which has fewer than 1000 residents year-round. The Chilkoots and Chilkats were hunting and fishing here until 1896, when gold was discovered 600 miles away in the Yukon.

Why will you be amazed with the sights in and around Skagway?

Chilkoot Trail, a 33 mile trek, will take you on hiking adventures to explore Alaska’s wilderness. The trail is enjoyed by thousands each year. It’s a three to six days trip and it retraces the route traveled by the gold seekers. What’s most valuable about this place is that it’s bringing you face to face with the relics they left behind.

White Pass and Youkon Route offers an unforgettable ride through the coastal mountains. It’s a unique way to view the history of the region. I’ve done it twice myself and I can assure you it’s spectacular! This is Alaska’s most popular shore excursion.

Glaciar Bay, the most impressive glacier in the area with some of the most beautiful rivers in the world. Book a flight seeing tour that is 90 minutes average. Looking to add some excitement? Take the helicopter tour, land on the glaciers and touch the hundred year old ice with you own hands.

Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park was authorized in 1976 and interprets the history of the Klondike Gold Rush of 1897-1898. It protects the historic buildings and trails of the Gold Rush era.
Other adventure tours…

Raft trips, bicycle tours, guided hike to the glaciers or boat charters for sightseers or sport fishing for halibut and salmon.

And even if I’ll have to repeat myself… Alaska’s people are the most friendly ones on Earth!



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