What are you thankful for?

Besides being thankful that I’m healthy, me and my parents both, and that I have money to buy stuff from the market, here are 7 things that I am thankful for:

1. Double D’s – next to which the days turned into nights, Fridays turned into whole weekends, dreams became adventures, boring trips outside the city became life and death exploring games. I am thankful and cherish the memories we have together. At this time, they’re a happy family living in Romania and me with hubby here in Bulgaria so… not that many crazy times coming soon.

2. Good friends – even if there’s are like… 5 of them, they mean the world to me. Wouldn’t have gotten anywhere in this life without them

3. Working on the ships – with all the bad experiences (and trust me, they were plenty!) at some point in my life, all the paths lead to this one, me starting another life experience faaaaar far away form home. The stars and the Universe aligned in such a way that the preparations and beginning of this journey were flawless, no obstacles whatsoever.

4. My future husband – which I met on the ships, another magical coincidence of the unknown. Since day one we were always together. It’s so good to travel the world with your best friend. And I’m thankful for all the morning coffees he’s preparing me.

5. Starting to learn German – and I’m saying “starting” because for some reason it seems insane. So thankful because I had the courage to begin the course. Fingers crossed to finish it 🙂

6. Having a completely nuts brother – when my whole childhood was about “don’t do this”, “don’t do that”, he always came and said “DO IT.” There it was. My hero.

7. X-Files Season 10 – Just don’t stop after only 6 episodes…


Now your turn.

What are you thankful for?




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