Wish you were here

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Long time no see, but despite that so many things happened since I last wrote on this blog… I feel like I have nothing much to say.

To resume… I went back home in vacation and now I came back to the ship. And after one month and a half here, I miss home a lot. Now I feel it stronger. But let’s start with the good stuff.

The Caribbean was nice and I enjoyed it very much, but Alaska is AMAZING! Really… uau… Places like Juneau, Skagway, Ketchikan, Heines, Seward and of course Vancouver are awesome. Because the people here are awesome. Very polite, clean, friendly, warm, interesting and full of energy! From the To Do List here we checked hiking in Juneau, barbeque in Heines, travelling across the White Pass in Skagway and eating Chinese food in Seward. For the next weeks we are planning to go whale watching and visit the ice cave in Juneau, barbeque in Heines (yes, again), hiking in Skagway and flying over the glaciers, doesn’t matter where. A lot of fun stuff to do here. And we still have nice weather too

Which reminds me that all I see in my facebook news feed are pictures and check-ins at the sea side…. Am I a little bit jealous?😛 My dear friends… wish you were here … I’ll keep you posted soon, I promise!

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Can I kiss you?

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Can I kiss you?

You can tie me up, look me in the eyes and fuck me really hard. Take me away in the room upstairs and start unzipping my dress from the hallway. I don’t even want to make it to the bed, the floor is just fine right now.

Can I kiss you?”

You were looking straight into my eyes but talking from a mile away. Come next to me, put your warm body over mine and possess my devils from inside. Hell yes, kiss me, but kiss me good, from top to bottom, make me shiver and leave red traces of love on my pale skin.

How sweet and devilish it was when you asked me “Can I kiss you?” …

I just wanted you to put your arms around me and melt my whole body and heart. I would even beg for it if you wanted me to. Beg on my knees, with your tie wrapped around my eyes and waiting for your mercy. I’m filled with desire. Only one touch, one soft touch of yours on my body and I have already goosebumps all over.

Can I kiss you?”

Baby, you can do whatever you want to me. My bed, my body and my soul are always hungry for you. It only takes that look of yours, one whisper, couple of heavy touches on my neck, my breasts, my stomach, my pussy … and I’m ready for the next round of pleasure. Let us die a hundred times…

Just keep in mind the quote I showed you. It doesn’t have to be soft. We’ll make it hard.

I don’t make love. I fuck… hard.”



What’s going on lately

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When I first arrived to the ship, I was sure that the team I meet will be here until the end of the contract but this is far from true. They start leaving one by one… like my first-never-to-forget roommate Krastina… or the best supervisors EVER … Erika and Robert… or one of the loveliest guys ever existing oh ships – Jonathan… You have these amazing times and one day they leave you. Of course it’s not their fault, it’s the end of their contract and they have to go home but it just feels wrong. And it’s sad.

Ha ha, but the memories will live forever, like… We have different functions here on ship, besides doing the everyday job we have crew member stuff to do. Krastina and me used to be stairway guides on deck 3 where all the lifeboats are, so when the emergency drill was ongoing we had to guide all of the passengers to their lifeboat, just to show them what to do in case something happens. Picture this one: hundreds of people come from all decks of the ship. Me and Krastina standing by the elevators and yelling : “Even numbers this side!! Odd numbers that side!!” … like really there, very firm and convincing, it’s an emergency!!! But the passengers don’t take this seriously and they come to the drill like they’re going walking; one of them even asked where are the uneaven numbers. Would you make jokes in case of real emergency? Not to be mean or something, but more than half of them won’t be really ok if the real thing happens.

So seeing them like this, we started to make jokes as well. “Are you ready?” “Yes. You? This side or that side first?” “This side.” (and screaming together…) “Even numbers this side!! Odd numbers that side!!” The passengers were laughing like crazy. Krastina, if you’re reading this… I miss you, bitch!!

Time to go to sleep now, I don’t have any interesting news to tell. Maybe tomorrow.

ps. 67 days till the ship enters dry dock and I come home. Ieeeeei !!

To my best friends

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I’ve never missed you so much in my life. Because you were always there, I assumed we’ll always be together, in the same “there”. Now it feels like one finger from my hand got chopped off… Did you get it, did you get it, did you get it?:)

Oh, let me interrupt this program to give special thanks to Andrei for keeping this blog alive. Did you notice that moodoptimize.me is live again? Andreeeeeeei, thank you so so much!

Before I continue to thank my friends for the incredible moment’s we’ve had ( and hopefully, we’ll still have them…), I’ll tell you how I woke up this morning.

Me: zzZZzzzz….

Cabin alarm: Beeeeeep Beeeeeeep Beeeeeeeep. Man overboard. Man overboard. Man overboard. All emergency teams report at their station. All passengers please remain calm as our crew members are taking care of this situation. This is a drill.

So… they couldn’t start with “This is a drill”, but scare the shit out of me with “MAN OVERBOARD”.

This cruise we have a charter of people called “Inspiration”, they’re a religious group and are walking around the ship with t-shirts “Mercy me at sea”. The funny part is that now they are 650 people, but in the previous year were more so they were paying the casino for the whole cruise not to be opened and the casino staff wasn’t working, the tables and the slots were closed and covered and if the Inspiration people were meeting casino staff somewhere on the ship they were telling them that they’re the Devil and stuff like that.

I started the countdown for my vacation at home. Today are 74 days left and 10 more cruises.

I’d like to thank my best friends for a wonderful 2014, my best last year at home; I’ll miss the trips I was having with Double D’s, the long days we were spending at the mall, the funny times at cinema, the crazy sick jokes that only us were understanding…. the surprise parties I was preparing with Carmencita, Consu and Adi… the love flavored coffee I drank with Daria and Miha, the biking nights in the park with Adi, the sarcastic funny challenging conversations with Mari…

ps. the ship is moving like crazy because it’s so windy and we have some problems with the engines. We’ll arrive 4 hours later tomorrow in San Juan.

Did I tell you I missed the ship in San Juan? I’ll leave that one for another time:) See ya!



Thoughts of the day

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The worst thing here is that I don’t have 24 hours internet anymore. As you can already see by now, the moodoptimize.me domain has expired because I couldn’t pay it. It gets complicated when you have no money on the card and no online banking. Anyway… Lots of things changed since I left home. You know my hair? It used to be very thin and dry. Now it’s thicker and even darker than before. Back home I used to sleep in the night and be awake during the day. Now I sleep during the day and stay awake in the night. I hated nail polish and now I’m doing it everyday. I didn’t like having small talk and now I’m doing it every second.

The other day we were in Jamaica, it was awesome!! Although it was raining like hell all day long, I just couldn’t resist not to go out and see the surroundings. Awesome, awesome, awesooooome!! There were high rasta people asking you if you’d like to buy marijuana or braid your hair. And everybody was smoking there. Ha:) No, I didn’t, we are not allowed to …

But the guests are really funny. An arab was showing me his new purchase – a very expensive watch – he told me to guess how much he paid for it. Ha ha, and I said 300$. He was like “Nope. 6,500$.” They love to brag, but when it comes to betting on a 10$ blackjack table, they start complaining about how in Las Vegas they bet on 2$ or 5$ table. And they’re too cheap to eat outside in ports and prefer eating on the ship because it’s for free.

Christmas is coming in one week and I’m kinda excited even though it’s nothing to be excited for. It’ll be an ordinary day, only that I’ll get to wear my new dress and shoes at work and not that stupid uniform. I miss my tshirt and jeans…. Oh, you who are at home, lucky bastards, you get to have weekends off.

Speaking of things I miss, I have three more months until I’ll be home again. I really really miss my friends and I can’t wait to see if anybody is going to remember me when I come back:) My break is finished now, I’m going back to work.

Nothing to say for today, MoodOptimizer out.


Day 60 on ship

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I just finished work and it’s past midnight. Those sea days are so freakin’ exhausting.

Because I was late shift, like starting work at 13:00 pm and ending whenever the players decide to leave (which in this cruise is after midnight) every day is the same, I just work and sleep.

Oh, but the great things that are happening… funny ones, of course.

Today one of the couples on ship was playing roulette and I was focused on the game, not to make mistakes. So… he was playing with yellow and she was playing with green. But he kept on winning and she was loosing all she had. In order for him to help her, he asked me to change 20 of his yellow colored cash chips into greens. That was exactly what he said. Greens. And we say greens to 25 $ chips. So that was all I was thinking.”He wants greens, he wants greens…” So I take the stack of 20s, cut and prove them, take 4 chips by 25$, turn for the supervisor and scream: “Hundred color change”

She started laughing like crazy; imagine: I was changing 20$ for 100$.

Another funny story from roulette (because on blackjack I’m too focused to not make any mistakes):

my lovely brother was standing near me and omg, I get really nervous and shaky whenever he’s around. One or two players at the table, winning number 21. Only one split on the number (split pays 17$). In my mind was “21.. 21…. 21… 21…” So I take a stack of 20s and 1 chip and call the supervisor “21 payout!!” Again, she laughed her eyes out when she saw what I was doing.

But I also have good days here, when I’m not doing any mistakes. Then, I have days when I feel like I don’t know how to count.

Anyway, tomorrow is the last sea day (thank God!) and I was pretty excited to go out in the U.S. but apparently I’m not going to be allowed to go out in there, but only in non U.S. ports like Cozumel, Grand Cayman, Half Moon Cay, etc. This sucks.

I’ll keep you posted, I’ll go to sleep now.

Write back sometime😉




Things going on on the ship

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If you’re wondering how I’m doing, I’m fine. The homesickness is starting to pass. I don’t think that much about my subway, my 20 minute walk to Intersport HQ, my cat, my movies at cinema, my 2 big bags of chips every night, my weekly shopping marathon at the mall, my weekends ’cause yes,we don’t have weekends here. But I do miss my friends A LOT.

Let me tell you about a few days ago It was really a hard day. I probably fell asleep at 3 in the morning, woke up at 10:30 for safety drill, went out a little bit in Civitavecchia, came back in the cabin for a nap, went to embarkation deck for gangway duty, did some training and started working at 20:30. Awful. Sometimes I feel like a zombie.

My hands starting to hurt from all the dealing and cutting chips. Anyway…

The other days we saved 42 refugees who were wondering the seas for 13 days. They didn’t have water or food. We called the Coast Guard to pick them up because the captain didn’t want to take them aboard , what if they were pirates?

I’m starting to get used living on ship. And I never believed that I would say this … like…. never, but I feel like I’ve changed. And all these things that are happening daily…

Oh well, they say you get used to it. I don’t really know what to say about this… Am I going to get used to it? I make jokes about how this is my first and last contract because of how awful I am but the supervisors that are watching me say that they see improvements. How on mother Earth when I am the worst.. no, THE WORST …:)

I’m smiling even now, ha ha.

So we’ll be having a lot of sea days in the next week. Like 8 of them. This means we’ll be working every single day until midnight or even after midnight. And then Ta daaaaa.. welcome to U.S. You don’t even imagine how scary this is for me. Scary as hell.

Please keep your fingers crossed for me (not just the fingers, and the toes), I’ll need this a lot. I’ll keep you posted of whatever happens when I get there.

Thinking about you always,




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